Hello there! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to connect with me in my busy life!

I started this writing blog simply because I struggle with writing from time to time and I wanted to create a space to share my frustrations with other writer folk who kinda feel like I do.


Since fifth grade, it's mostly been a more love than hate relationship and in June of 2019, I decided to take my relationship even further and hone my writing skills. 


Sometimes I look at my writing as a frenzy of ideas, dreams and unspoken failures. I'm almost certain that I'm not the only writer in the universe with these whirlwind of emotions.

I got to an extremely low point in my writing, where I wasn't producing any work and it was causing me a lot of grief and frustration. It got so bad that I was having anxiety over it (which I unfortunately still suffer from) and felt like I was being trapped in a space of negativity and doubt.

I wanted more from my writing goals, so I did some much need self-reflection, coupled with prayers on top of prayers and lots of self-motivation! 

I'm not cured, however, I changed my approach and mindset to writing and I'm in an entirely better space than than I was previously.


I'm dedicating this blog to unapologetically, share all my high and low points with writing.


I'm now comfortable with being completely honest with myself and my writing goals.

This blog is to be used as a friendly reminder to EMBRACE ALL YOUR WRITER FRUSTRATIONS! ACCEPT THOSE STRUGGLES and grow into the best possible writer you can be!


Whether it's with the actual craft of writing or the emotional strain writing can sometimes bring...let's do it together, one day at a time, being honest about who we really are as creatively imperfect writers!